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Ceylon: Its landscapes and culture attract many travellers. From touring the temples, to tasting the authentic food and seeing the diverse fauna, it has many things to do and see. In addition, the waves on this coast are a joy to surfers from all over the world.


Sri Lanka has everything that a surfer needs to enjoy: miles of secluded beaches, a fairly affordable standard of living, and most of all, a strategic location in the middle of the Indian Ocean that makes surfing in Sri Lanka of great quality during the whole year.


The perfect wind and wave conditions for the best surfing in southern Sri Lanka is from November to April.

From the town of Hiriketiya to Kabakana, in the south-west of the country, there are kilometers of beach where more than 13 locations stand out as ideal places for surfers in search of adventure.


KABALANA BEACH ( 5 mins by tuktuk)

It is one of the most famous beaches in this area.

Kabalana is divided into 2 parts:

Beachbreak: Where you can surf waves on a sandy bottom. This is where we bring our Level 1 surfers. You can check out our surf packages here.

The Rock: AFrame with a fairly deep reef bottom, it is a breaker with waves in both directions, the left being the highest quality wave.

It can be surfed with any tide and supports swells of almost any size.

It is a very popular beach, so it is better to go first thing in the morning or in the afternoon.



SION ( 12 mins by tuktuk)

This wave is very easy to find. It´s located between Ahangama and Midigama, near a small island. This wave works in any direction of the sea. If the sea comes from the south, the right works. If it is a south west swell, both right and left handed work in the middle of the beach. It works best at low tide as the wave is stronger and faster.


MIDIGAMA ( 14 mins by tuktuk)

It is one of the best areas to surf in the south west of Sri Lanka, yet despite being a small town, you can find all kinds of restaurants and shops. You can walk to 5 different surf spots for all levels.

From perfect waves to start to quality tubular waves, such as:

Lazy left:

A long left, with a strong first section that is losing strength until it dies on the channel.



It is one of the best waves in this area. A short tubular forehead with a deep channel around it holds a maximum swell of about 4 feet. Sometimes, with the right swell direction, there is also a left that delights goofies.


MIRISSA ( 20 mins by tuktuk)

Between Hiriketiya and Midigama we can find Mirissa, a sandy beach surrounded by palm trees. Paradise in one picture. There is a right-hander wave over the reef  near the rocks and a left-hander near the harbor.  The reef can be shallow in low tide but works very well with a good swell up to 6ft. Good for intermediate surfers to start surfing on a reef.


HIRIKETIYA (surftrips every month here)

In this town, you can find 2 surf spots. It is a famous, very long left wave that longboarders love. If the swell is large enough, it can be a very fun wave for short board surfers too. The bottom is a coral reef and is very populated with sea urchin, so you must be careful.

The beach breaks are ideal for beginners or intermediate surfers.



Do you still have doubts about the next destination for your surf trip?

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