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Lanka Living Camp Memory Lane!

Once upon a time, there was a Swedish little girl that in some magical way ended up in the middle of the jungle of the exotic Ceylon Island, Sri Lanka. In this place, she fell in love with the simplicity, how raw, authentic, and epic the waves were in this tropical gem. It didn’t take long before this Swedish sunshine had built up a playground where it's safe to be yourself! And that's how Lanka Living was born.


Lanka Living is home away from home

After 4 beautiful seasons in Sri Lanka we decided to not be locked into one space. Instead, we want to take you all on a wild journey you’ll never forget!

By expanding the tribe and explore the globe with you all, we can offer tailored retreats in dreamy locations with the perfect combo of different breaks, adventures, cultures, nightlife. In this way, we can keep things fresh and exciting for you.

Lanka Living is a home away from home. A place where like-minded legends gather from all corners of the globe to share epic moments

The Lankan camp was unique & full of SASS and Mika put in a lot of effort to make it feel special and we all miss it every single day and that’s why we have dedicated one of our sections just to honor the memory of it!

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Lanka Living Camp Memory Lane!


Our Jungle villa was a blast!

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ahangama town, our beautiful villa was located in a small traditional village surrounded by the lush Sri Lankan jungle, vibrant green rice fields, and the incredibly warm and welcoming local families that lived around us. With giant hammocks, a stunning garden and a big communal dining area there was always a perfect spot for our tribe to set up whether it was time to chill, chat, check the emails or get the party started.

“Yeeep, that’s right!
We were a surf camp… in the jungle!”

Damn straight – just a 5-minute tuk tuk ride from Ahangama train station and town, our camp was in the middle of 15 different breaks, all within a 5-15 minute drive. With everything from gentle beginner beach breaks for the whitewash warriors, all the way up to shallow, barreling rights for the shredders, so there were the waves for all levels to keep our guests challenged enough and improve fast

All the rooms at Lanka Living were designed by Mika (aka Our Boss Lady) herself to showcase the natural beauty and sunlight that travelers from all over the world flock to Sri Lanka to experience.

Tacos & Tattoos by Lanka Living

Our Jungle Villa was just too fresh not to throw a party once in a while. Once per month we transformed our camp into a madhouse meeting point where surf camps and hostels from the area all made their way up into the jungle to party – Lanka Living style.

All you can eat tacos, unlimited punch, DJs spinning til late, and one of Sri Lanka’s top tattoo artists Mario in-house doing what he does best on our dorm balcony until the early hours of the morning.

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