lanka living surf camp in sri lanka

The Surf

This is where shit gets serious. We love to have a good time, but the surfing will always be the biggest focus during your time at Lanka Living.

The best and fastest way to learn surfing.

Learning to surf can be difficult at the best of times. Unfortunately, often what holds us back in our surfing can’t be fixed by simply trying harder, and even with the best coaching improvement can take years.

Our curriculum attacks the art of surfing from every angle – we combine wave theory & ocean mechanics classes with slow-mo video analysis and a homegrown surf-specific physical preparation method we call Surfitness.

We believe that only a complete approach that helps you:
1. Improve your theoretical knowledge and how to read waves yourself;
2. Practice good technique under proper supervision; and
3. Increase your physical capacity in order to surf longer and safer, can empower you to continue to improve not just while staying at our camp, but every single time you get in the water.

You will walk away from a week at Lanka Living not only a better surfer, but with an in-depth knowledge of how to keep improving and break through plateaus on your own.


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The Lessons


5 mornings a week you’ll throw your board on top of a tuk tuk and head down to one of the many amazing breaks on our doorstep for your lesson. For both Level 1 (Beginners) and Level 2 (Intermediates) the lesson is two hours long and divided into two parts:

1. Surf Theory – an in depth analysis of proper technique and essential ocean knowledge under the watchful eye of our instructors. Get your popups right on the beach, and you’ll get them right in the water

2. Practical – Surf with your instructor right next to you in the water. Put into practice what you’ve just learned and get immediate feedback on your mistakes. We keep our class sizes small so that you get the focused attention you need to take more waves and have even more fun.

Not only that, we also sometimes combine our lessons with our road trips , so you get to surf at a variety of beautiful breaks all over the south coast!



Surfitness™ is an intense, time-efficient training program created with the goal of keeping your body fit and ready for the physical demands of surfing no matter where you are in the world.

Too often we hear about students who go on week-long surf holidays with the best of intention, only to find they’re exhausted after the first hour and take 3-4 days for their body to acclimatise.

That’s where Surfitness comes in.

Short, intense and equipment-lite, we’ve created workouts combining a unique blend of power, mobility & endurance based exercises that can be done anywhere , so that even if you don’t live by the ocean, whenever the swell hits you’re always ready.
Build surf-specific strength, improve your overall endurance and prevent against injuries all in 30 minutes or less. Train with absolutely no equipment in your backyard or your hotel room, so no matter your lifestyle there’s never any excuse not to train!

Surfitness sessions at Lanka Living are held 3x weekly.


Video Analysis

Twice per week we bust out the trusty video camera and and film our level 2 students and go through the footage frame by frame as a group.

What we’re doing on the board often feels a lot different to what it looks like, and the ability to see yourself on camera in slow motion gives you a unique perspective that’s essential for refining ‘on the wave’ techniques and making the jump from beginner to intermediate.

We only video our Intermediate classes as timing and positioning in the water aren’t as relevant for white water waves, but we still encourage everybody to attend the analysis sessions as it’

Get the lessons, fitness, video analysis, meals, accommodation
+ more from just 450 € /week


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