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Why Lanka Living?

In a nutshell, Lanka Living is for those looking to experience the surf life in paradise! We’re a super social and active camp who like to keep fit, party hard and surf even harder. We pack our schedule full of activities like surf trips, waterfall adventures, beach volleyball tournaments, sunset cocktails, beach parties and even boat parties.

This is not your average surf camp, and if you’re only looking for a quiet week sunning solo by the beach this may not be the place for you. But, if you’re an outgoing, energetic and open-minded person you’re in for the surf experience of a lifetime!


How do I get to Lanka living?

Lanka Living Airport Transfer – ETA 2.5 – 3 hours from the Airport
We highly recommend airport transfer which is by far the fastest and smoothest way of getting here. The transfer will cost 100€ and will take up to 4 people/Taxi, you will be in our camp around 3 hours after pickup. We can easily arrange this on request, just notify us by email.

By far the easiest, most direct and most comfortable route from the airport is by taxi. We organise transfers for 100€ one way – a driver will wait for you just before the airport entrance holding a Lanka Living sign with your name on it, and will take you directly to the camp.

We can organise airport transfer 24/7 – just give us your flight number, arrival date and
arrival time and we’ll book you in.

Public Transport
Public transport in Sri Lanka is super cheap, however it’s crowded and not easy to plan for. Buses are frequent, but there are no public bus timetables at all. Train timetables are available online, but cancellations can happen quite often.

Bandaranaike Airport (CMB) is located about 30km north of Colombo City, and as most public transport options to the south leave from Colombo you’ll need to get yourself there by either taxi, tuk tuk, or a train/bus from Katunayake or Negombo.

**Important – Public Transport is only a reliable option during the day – after about 7pm the trains and a lot of the long distance buses stop running, so you’ll have to taxi or book a night in Negombo if your flight arrives overnight.

Train – ETA 4 – 5 hours from Colombo
Trains to Ahangama leave from Colombo Fort Railway Station in Colombo. The journey is about 4 hours if you can get one that goes direct – just ask at the ticket counter for a train that goes directly to Ahangama.

From Ahangama Railway Station you can take a tuk tuk up to Lanka Living for around 300LKR – just follow the signs!

Timetables can be found at

Express Highway Bus – ETA 3 Hours from Colombo
If you find yourself in Colombo there are Highway Buses from Kadawatha, Kaduwela, Maharagama etc. that run frequently down the eastern expressway. Jump on one that goes express to Galle and from there you can bus to Ahangama town, then tuk tuk from there.


What day of the week does your surf camp start?

We’re one of the only camps in the area that offers a flexible check-in date! Lanka Living works off a rolling 7-day schedule with surf lessons 5 days a week and 2 rest days – that means you can start for any day you like ! You’ll get everything in your package over the course of your stay.


What if I want to go to town or to the beach on my own?

Tuk tuk transfers to your lessons is included in all of our surf packages. Outside of those, feel free to ask any of our friendly staff members at any time and we’ll call one of our trusted drivers to get you where you need to go.

Prices are fixed with our team of drivers, and a price list is displayed in our camp so you know exactly how much you should pay to your destination – no haggling, no worries.


I’ve surfed a bit… am I a Level 1 Beginner, or Level 2 Intermediate?

We divide our classes into Level 1 and Level 2, so that you can get the coaching that’s right for your you, and surf at breaks best suited to your skill level. We’ll chat to you about your experience when you arrive, but we almost always get new arrivals to go along to the Level 1 class on their first day, so that our instructors can see what you’ve been taught and where you’re at.

It’s common for surfers to move from Level 1 to 2 when they’re ready, and for Level 2s to move to Level 1 on bigger swell days or just to hone the fundamentals – our instructors are focused on setting you up to take the most waves, be safe in the water and have the most
fun, so listen to their guidance!


How safe is it to travel in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a country full of incredibly open and welcoming people. Although mainstream media has generated a lot of talk about the safety of Sri Lanka, crime is incredibly low even in the touristic parts, and is in fact far lower than many western countries we generally consider to be ‘safe’.

Of course normal travel safety practice applies, as well as respect for the cultural rules and customs that are observed in this beautiful and diverse country.

What do we do when we’re not surfing?

Check out a detailed description of the activities, day trips and parties every week at Lanka Living here


I wanna surf, but I also want to see more of Sri Lanka!

Feel free to chat to us anytime if you want local advice on what to see in Sri Lanka, how to get there, and how to avoid the tourist traps! We also can help you organise tours, safaris, diving, jetskiing and more. There’s a lot that the guide books don’t tell you, so don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


Why is Video Analysis only shot of the Level 2s?

The focus of the video analysis is on helping surfers understand how to effectively paddle onto and ride green waves. We do a detailed break-down of timing, ride style, and positioning in the water.

Our focus for the Level 1s in the white water is to get you to this stage as quickly as possible, but in order to do that your number one priority must be to hone the fundamentals so that your paddling and popups become automatic when you’re out the back.

These intermediate-advanced concepts that are great to have an awareness of as a beginner, but we’d rather focus on getting you out of the white water and onto the greenies as fast as possible, and video is not necessary to do so.

A great white-water popup and ride style will make your life so much easier down the line, so focus on the fundamentals and you’ll be shredding on camera in no time!



Sounds amazing! So how do I book?

Easy – head over to our Contact page and let us know

Important Information

To make things easy, please include the following info in your message to us:

1. Your preferred dates or rough period you’d like to stay

2. Your preferred room for your stay

3. Are you inquiring for 1 or 2 people in the room/bed?

Please note: we charge a nonrefundable 40% deposit + 7% bankfees to confirm your booking. The remaining 60% of your reservation price is payable in cash only on arrival in EUR, USD or LKR notes. Inquiries without paid deposits can not be held, so pay the deposit straight away to secure your spot!

Cancelling a confirmed reservation less than 60 days prior to your arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the remaining reservation amount.

Changes Policy: Changes to your booking are only accepted during the next 2 days after confirmation. After that, subject to availability, if you want to change the dates of your stay there is a fee of 100€ per booking and change, plus any rate difference. (There are no changes during Christmas or Easter in any way).
If your booking is confirmed and, before you arrive, you decide to shorten your stay you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee for each night you cancel.

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