lanka living surf camp in sri lanka

Why Lanka Living Retreat?

In a nutshell, Lanka Living is for those looking to experience the surf life in paradise! We’re super social and active Legends who like to keep fit, party hard and surf even harder. We pack our schedule full of activities like surf trips, waterfall adventures, beach volleyball tournaments, sunset cocktails, beach parties and even boat parties.

This is not your average surf retreat, and if you’re only looking for a quiet week sunning solo by the beach this may not be the place for you. But, if you’re an outgoing, energetic and open-minded person you’re in for the surf experience of a lifetime!


I’ve surfed a bit… am I a Level 1 Beginner, or Level 2 Intermediate?

We divide our classes into Level 1 and Level 2, so that you can get the coaching that’s right for you, and surf at breaks best suited to your skill level. We’ll chat to you about your experience when booking the retreat.

It’s common for surfers to move from Level 1 to 2 when they’re ready, and for Level 2s to move to Level 1 on bigger swell days or just to hone the fundamentals – our instructors are focused on setting you up to take the most waves, be safe in the water and have the most
fun, so listen to their guidance!


What do we do when we’re not surfing?

Check out a detailed description of the activities, day trips and parties every week at Lanka Living Retreat here


I wanna surf, but I also want to see more!

Feel free to chat to us anytime if you want local advice on what to see around, how to get there, and how to avoid the tourist traps! We also can help you organise other activities. There’s a lot that the guide books don’t tell you, so don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


Why is Video Analysis only shot of the Level 2s?

The focus of the video analysis is on helping surfers understand how to effectively paddle onto and ride green waves. We do a detailed break-down of timing, ride style, and positioning in the water.

Our focus for the Level 1s in the white water is to get you to this stage as quickly as possible, but in order to do that your number one priority must be to hone the fundamentals so that your paddling and popups become automatic when you’re out the back.

These intermediate-advanced concepts are great to have an awareness of as a beginner, but we’d rather focus on getting you out of the white water and onto the greenies as fast as possible, and video is not necessary to do so.

A great white-water popup and ride style will make your life so much easier down the line, so focus on the fundamentals and you’ll be shredding on camera in no time!


Sounds amazing! So how do I book?

Easy – head over to our Contact page and let us know