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Lanka Living Food

Let’s face it: there’s no hunger like post-surf hunger. Not only is nutrition an incredibly important part of staying fueled and healthy for the surf life, but we at Lanka Living Retreat strongly believe that part of life in paradise is delicious, delicious food.

Meal time at Lanka Living Retreat is like all the best parts about family dinner, but with more beer and without Mum telling you to finish your greens.

We eat together as a squad, swap stories about the day’s surf antics and make plans for the night to come. We believe in healthy, big portions, lots of flavour and supporting the local farmers and fisherman at every mealtime.

Cool! What’s on the menu?

Our menu consists primarily of healthy, plant-based goodness, with a rotating selection of local and international dishes that make use of the best quality local produce. We throw in the occasional seafood dish when we can find a great catch at the local fish market, as well as the odd chicken dish for the meat lovers, but our menu is mostly plant-based. But don’tstress!

Alright, I’m hungry… when can we eat?

Breakfast and dinner are included in every package at Lanka Living Retreat, with breakfast daily at 10:30am and dinner is served at 7:30 pm 4 nights per week. One night we pick do a barbecue with delicious food and head out for drinks!

What about second breakfast?

Breaky is huge and normally finish eating around 11:30am, so there’s no lunch served. There are plenty of cheap and tasty local treats to be had.

Dietary requirements

Whatever your dietary requirements, we’ll do our best to accommodate.
Tell us in your inquiry about your dietary requirements!



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