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Unapologetically Sassy

Since Lanka Living was born, so was our fashion brand #2CC. We are more than a surf camp, we’re a lifestyle. With that said, our tribe and surfing legends needed to get pimped out in Lanka style. Mika decided to help those in need & create a brand all of her own. These unique and sassy pieces catch eyes all over the world!


100% locally made

From sourcing material all over the island, with an inspiration that is bold and sassy, to create a master piece that is too hot to handle.

Everything is made in one size, some shirts are unisex.

I mainly work with viscose material as it is a lightweight material with a nice drape, a lustrous finish & soft feel. Since Viscose is made from a renewable resource, its biodegradable making it environment friendly.

Ethically made by working closely with a small factory of talented local women that makes my visions come true.

I like to bring out the playful side that’s within all of us and for those that dare to be unique from the crowd and stand out and shine

#2CC has a variety of items available. Our sassiest pieces are the party shirts, that are all sizes Unisex XL.

As my collection is unique & limited, where my goal is to give 2CC tribe an exclusive shopping experience to wherever in the globe they may be, you’re sure to get a look no one else is rocking.

Where can I buy one of these sick pieces?

To purchase our items, visit our FB or IG page @2CC_Clothing
If you’re interested in carrying our shirts in your store, bulk orders, collabs etc. send us an email at

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