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Host Your Own Unique Retreat or Bootcamp in our Jungle Oasis

Bring your own group to Lanka Living and create a personalized retreat! Our entire facility has been developed to offer the very best experience for groups. We have several room options for every budget, communal areas and a relaxing atmosphere in the jungle.

No need to find a private property, a chef, source all the food, teach and hold space. Booking your retreat at Lanka Living lets you focus on your clients and do what you do best – teaching!

The Venue

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the town, Ahangama, our beautiful villa is located in a small traditional village surrounded by the lush Sri Lankan jungle, vibrant green rice fields, and the incredibly warm and welcoming local families that live around us. With giant hammocks, a stunning garden and a big communal dining area there’s always a perfect spot for you to set up whether it’s time to chill, chat, check the emails or get the party started.

The Jungle camp has the ability to sleep up to 24 people with any budget across our 7 private rooms and 2 Jungle Dorms. Our private chef will create nourishing and delicious food during your retreat. There is plenty of communal areas to host workshops, socializing and relaxing.


Our location in SW Sri Lanka puts us near by to many activities! Get to know the local traditions and see more of the country with group activities such as tea plantation tours, cooking classes, surf lessons, stick fishing, day trips and much more. We are happy to help you plan your unforgettable week with local activities!

Our Team

Our international and local team is united in delivering an excellent service and providing friendly hospitality for all our guests. We are here to accommodate your group to the best of our ability. From customizing the length of your stay to provide exceptional facilities, outstanding service, dining experiences, activities and fun, the Lanka Living team is here for you!

We believe the tranquil surroundings from this jungle, healthy meals and activities create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable vacation and retreat/bootcamp experience.

Sounds amazing! So how do I plan my retreat?

Easy – head over to our Contact page and send us more information.

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