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Welcome to the Jungle!

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Ahangama town, our beautiful villa is located in a small traditional village surrounded by the lush Sri Lankan jungle, vibrant green rice fields, and the incredibly warm and welcoming local families that live around us. With giant hammocks, a stunning garden and a big communal dining area there’s always a perfect spot for you to set up whether it’s time to chill, chat, check the emails or get the party started.


“So wait, you’re a surf camp… in the jungle?!”

Damn straight – just a 5-minute tuk tuk ride from Ahangama train station and town, you’ll be living smack bang in the middle of 15 different breaks (yes, 15, we counted) all within a 5-15 minute drive. With everything from gentle beginner beach breaks for the whitewash warriors, all the way up to shallow, barreling rights for the shredders, so whatever your level there’s a wave to keep you challenged enough but improving fast.


Lanka Living life

We like to keep it fresh and exciting with our daily schedule, so it’s always changing depending on the swell, weather, and the coolest cultural events & beach parties in the area. Here’s a sneak peak of what life could be like for you at Lanka Living*!

7:15 – A typical day at Lanka kicks off with an early rise and a full 2-hour lesson that involves both ocean theory, surf technique and real practice side-by-side with your instructors in the water. Learn more about the surf lessons here

10:00 – 3 days a week, it’s surfitness time! Smash out a short, intense workout that will improve your flexibility, prevent injuries and prepare your body for all the physical demands of surfing! For all things surfitness, click here

10:30 – You’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to tuck into the famous (free) Lanka Living breakfast buffet that our lovely camp mum Rupa serves up daily, and get yourself a one way ticket to food-coma town. Click here to learn more about the delicious Lanka Living food.

11:00 – After you’ve finished eating and chatting with the squad, the afternoon is yours! We plan a bunch of different activities  in our schedule including road trips, beach volleyball and squad drinks, but feel free to get out and explore on your own! Ask any of our staff for tips on where to go, what to see and how to get there. You’re also welcome to grab a board and go for a sunset surf with your squad buddies.

19:30 – Dinner time! Regroup and share a beer and a chat with Lanka Living squad and staff over whatever delicious meal the chef has whipped up for us that day. You’ll also get your lesson times for the following day, as well as a brief of any upcoming activities and day trips, so listen up!

20:30 – The after-dinner routine varies from day to day. There are Netflix & Chill nights in the jumbo hammock, Games night in the dorm, and party nights when there’s no lesson the next morning. Sit back and chill or join in the festivities! *


*Please note the above times & activities are merely indicative, and not a fixed schedule you’re locked into. We’re always flexible, and you’re always free to do as you please, it’s just snapshot of all the cool stuff our little surf family gets up to.


Wanna live the dream but not sure where to start? Check out our packages and then chat to us and we’ll answer any questions you might have!


Here’s a quick look at our beautiful jungle villa!


Important Information

To make things easy, please include the following info in your message to us:

1. Your preferred dates or rough period you’d like to stay

2. Your preferred room for your stay

3. Are you inquiring for 1 or 2 people in the room/bed?

Please note: we charge a nonrefundable 40% deposit + 7% bankfees to confirm your booking. The remaining 60% of your reservation price is payable in cash only on arrival in EUR, USD or LKR notes. Inquiries without paid deposits can not be held, so pay the deposit straight away to secure your spot!

Cancelling a confirmed reservation less than 60 days prior to your arrival will incur a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the remaining reservation amount.

Changes Policy: Changes to your booking are only accepted during the next 2 days after confirmation. After that, subject to availability, if you want to change the dates of your stay there is a fee of 100€ per booking and change, plus any rate difference. (There are no changes during Christmas or Easter in any way).
If your booking is confirmed and, before you arrive, you decide to shorten your stay you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee for each night you cancel.

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