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Travel and photography go hand in hand, and it is no accident that Instagram has become the preferred social network of travellers. For our part we show our activities inn posts and Stories every day, you will also find short videos of our tours on IGTV.

Whether you want to share your memories or need inspiration for your next trip, we have compiled 6 Instagram accounts about Sri Lanka that have made us dream of paradise.

Prepare to devour a samosa, drink some arrack and delight your eyes:



Explore Sri Lanka through your lens and showcase the best of travel in Sri Lanka

Content: Nature Pics, landscapes and wildlife.






We show you the beauty of Sri Lanka

Content: Tourist places, bucketlist for your trip to Sri Lanka.







Sri Lanka’s premier travel promoter.

Discover beautiful places from all over the island as seen by great photographers and travellers.

Content: 100% inspiration for the best Instagram spots in Sri Lanka.





🤙🏽 A different kind of surf camp in paradise
📍 South West Sri Lanka

Content: Rad surf pics, memes and all the cool daily activities.

A must follow!





We show Sri Lanka in a different focal point.

Content: Nature pics from Sri Lanka and ideas for your trip around this stunning island.







Best photos from Sri Lanka

Content: Ideas to complete your surftrip in Sri Lanka.





Would you recommend more instagram accounts? Tell us in the comments!

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